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 Massage and bodywork sessions are by appointment only, as always.

  Until further notice, I will only be able to work with people

who are fully vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus including booster(s). 

I am fully vaccinated and have received all booster shots. Proof of this is clearly posted in studio.  

      Clients will be required to show proof of vaccination, I will need to keep

a copy of this in my records for each client.   Client and therapist will

be required, also, to wear a mask while inside studio or cancer institute.  We will be 

following CDC guidelines for safe operation of businesses such as

Blue Pearl, LLC.  Safety of all is our #1 concern.

 updated 10/30/22

Therapeutic Massage and Body Work


*reduce pain of tense muscles and tightened fascia   *help to recapture lost range of motion   *encourage lymphatic drainage and function   *heighten immune system function   *stimulate flow and balance of body fluids and energy   *promote relaxation, body awareness and joint flexibility   *so much more! 

Therapeutic Massage
Relaxation, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point (Deep Tissue) Therapy and/or Lymphatic Drainage Massage
@ Blue Pearl Studio in Mayville, MI
$55/60 minutes   $65/75 minutes  $75/90 minutes
@ GHCI in Flint, MI
$55/60 minutes    $65/75 minutes  $75/90 minutes
Hot Stone Massage 
Currently unavailable
$120/90 minutes
Myofascial Release
John Barnes' Method
Stretching, compressing, unwinding and rebounding.  Pressure and stretch holds are maintained for 2-5 minutes or more. This mindful, gentle, deep tissue therapy targets the myofascial system of the body.  The myofascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates every organ, muscle, bone or other structure in the body.  It is the environment of every cell.  This method is gentle but the effects can be profound.  It is used to treat chronic pain and postural imbalances. No oils or creams are used.  Therapist's skin must contact client's skin directly.  Do not use lotion or cream on your body after showering on the morning of your session.  For best results, book several sessions over the course of 2-4 weeks.  90 minute sessions often recommended.
@ Blue Pearl Studio in Mayville, MI
$55/60 minutes    $65/75 minutes
$75/90 minutes

@ GHCI in Flint, MI
$55/60 minutes  $65/75 minutes $75/90 minutes


Although I will make every effort to keep this website updated, please note that all offerings and prices on this page and other pages are subject to change at any time and without notice.
This is a gentle and general modality for working with the energy body.  Benefits
include profound relaxation, sense of balance, and increased flow of body energy.  Reiki takes your mind and body to a peaceful place where healing can happen.  Client remains clothed while lying on a table. Therapist works by placing hands on the body and holding them there for up to several minutes before changing position.  The therapist's hands may be any distance off of the body during a session, too.  So, the session can take place while therapist and client are in the same room (usually), or the two can be in separate locations.  Reiki is compatible with all belief systems  as it does not require any particular belief system to be effective.  The ability to practice Reiki is passed from teacher to student through a process of attunements to the Reiki (universal life force) energy.
@ Blue Pearl Studio in Mayville, MI

and @ GHCI in Flint, MI

$45/40-60 minute session
Reiki Training
General information:  Full day classes  Whenever I have at least 3 interested students, we can schedule a class - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are available for scheduling classes.  Maximum number of students per class is 7.  Classes available only @ Blue Pearl Studio in Mayville, MI.
Reiki I  Learn to treat yourself, loved      ones, pets.  $95      Repeat Reiki I for $55
Reiki II   For continuing students who wish to work with the general public. You will learn distance healing techniques.  $155       Repeat Reiki II for $55
Reiki III   For those who wish to teach others and to enhance their practice.  $395
Reiki Shares  Gathering of my students for practice with one another. 2 hour sessions @ $15/person for 3 or more students.  Reiki shares will be scheduled according to student interest and teacher availability.
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